Television commercials refer to the use of advertisements as a means of promoting the company’s products or services through the television. Every television commercial must communicate the client’s message clearly, forcefully and creatively. World Telefilm is well known for television commercials since its invention as it works with many TV channels of Bangladesh. Commercials made by World Telefilm are always recognized and accepted to every class of people for its innovative idea, reasonable budget, unique script, visualization, sound setting, good timing, storyline, organizing style and editing method. We effectively conveyed every message in the commercial to make the clients successfully accepted and to be known to the viewers.

Radio commercial is based on the idea of creating an audio-only environment and placing the listener inside of it. It is important to convey the right message to the audience as the commercials are not visible to the audience. World Telefilm is aware of making the right script to convey the right message of our clients to the audience. Important information may be repeated several times over the course of the spot. Good radio advertising takes a mixture of an attractive offer, authoritative voice, pleasuring music and realistic sound effects. We make both elaborate and straight forward radio commercials for our clients.